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The JED Institute is developing an array of Israel and Jewish Education resources and programs. All of the JED  Institute materials address  a multitude of issues affecting the way we think, live and interact with Israel and the Jewish people. Along with the highly acclaimed Israel in World Relations course, other curricula are in development.  All materials are consistent with our commitment to providing professional multi-media tools for teachers and students to build informed opinions and growing relationships with the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

Giving our future generations a chance. The need for critical thinking has never been greater.

Among the challenging questions JED asks are the following:
■ What counts as history? Is the Jewish claim that there was a Temple in Jerusalem objectively justifiable?
■ Is there such a thing as a “Jewish people”? Are today’s Jewish people connected to the ancient Israelites?
■ What is democracy? Can a Jewish state be democratic?
■ Why has peace been so elusive between Israel and its neighbors?
■ What does international law say about sovereignty over Jerusalem?
■ Are the land-for-peace and two-state solutions practical strategies for peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority?
■ What is a just war? Was Israel’s incursion into Gaza in 2009 “just”?
■ What is the real Israel—human rights abuser or humanitarian nation?

"This curriculum is a model for what all Jewish studies curricula should be. It is thoroughly engaging for students while being true to academic integrity and the development of critical thinking. Ultimately, it does not only teach, but inspires students to be proud of their Jewish identity and see themselves as vital participants in the Jewish world."
Mahra Hart
Jewish History Teacher - CHAT Toronto

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