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Partnering Opportunities 

JEd Institute has had consistent confirmation that its education is highly effective in teaching the next generation to recognize Israel’s right to exist with pride and certainty. You can be a partner in helping the JEd Institute to fulfill its goal of changing the way Jewish and Israel education is being delivered.We are currently seeking the necessary funding to bridge the gap between what we have already raised and what we need to:


​Complete the publishing of the curriculums and resources



Develop the interactive digital media platform as well as relationships with the various outlets such as camps, campus, high school, media and religious institutions



Build a strong online presence - webinars, audio-streams, podcasts, blogs, videos and digital lessons




Expand and Update

Expand the range of modules and curriculums, and open new ways to connect with students. Constant updating of lessons to stay on top of current issues and events


Teach and Train

Teach and train thousands of students and teachers - in North America and beyond


"This curriculum is a model for what all Jewish studies curricula should be. It is thoroughly engaging for students while being true to academic integrity and the development of critical thinking. Ultimately, it does not only teach, but inspires students to be proud of their Jewish identity and see themselves as vital participants in the Jewish world."
Mahra Hart
Jewish History Teacher - CHAT Toronto

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