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Richard Bass is fast becoming one of the foremost experts in Jewish education. His extensive curriculum is widely recognized as one of the most thorough and balanced resources to teach the issues in the Middle East today. Encouraging critical thinking, self-examination and fact-based logic, he takes his students through a process of understanding what truth is, and then teaches them how to apply that to the often complicated and emotional topics.

Richard’s multidimensional background includes teaching law and philosophy and a long history of public speaking, training and educating both in formal and informal settings. His unique background and skills have created an engaging methodology for educating teachers and students to successfully debate difficult issues facing Israel and the Jewish people.

His aim is to teach educators and students to not just learn, but to think. One of the central aims of all of his courses is to encourage people to challenge opinion, uncover facts, and search for the truth without bias. He believes and shows us that the truths of these complex and meaningful topics come to light under the greatest scrutiny and academic  questioning.

Richard lives in Toronto with his wife and two young children. He travels extensively to train teachers and students to talk about Israel and the Jewish people.

Richard Bass was invited to speak at the Musiksaal in Basel, Switzerland–the site of Herzl`s 1897 conference. Attended by approximately 200 participants from across the globe (including diplomats, educators, and NGO’s), the conference called on the nations to recognize Israel’s legal rights. The event was organized by international human rights lawyer Dr. Jacques Gauthier, and by the Alliance for the Establishment of International Justice in Jerusalem..

Richard Bass - Founder JED Institute

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